15 public sector organisations unite under one managed service

We engaged with 15 customers to implement a single solution that meets the needs of all parties - all within 12 weeks.


The Challenge

Despite our Projects & Engagement Team completing over 250 implementations before, the client’s collaboration between 15 organisations presented a new challenge.

This local government association had a fixed go-live date, requiring us to complete a significant amount of work within 12 weeks.

Our vendor management system, XMS, needed to be configured to the individual requests of each organisation. And there were over 500 stakeholders from the different organisations who needed system training to make sure the service transfer was seamless.

The Solution

We established a dedicated team of experienced individuals to deliver:
  • Continuous communication
    With all stakeholders – including the incumbent supplier, all temporary workers and hiring managers. We spoke face-to-face, as well as attending HR team meetings to allow for open discussions.
  • Onboarding of suppliers
    Our Supplier Relationship Team was hands-on in encouraging and supporting suppliers to participate in our onboarding process.
  • System training for all stakeholders
    We delivered training sessions with users face-to-face and via webinars.

The Results

As well as delivering the new service on time, within 12 weeks we:
  • Maintained service across all 15 organisations
  • Individually configured system access for each one*
  • On-boarded 56 support suppliers – many of which were SMEs vital for our delivery of a local solution
  • Trained more than 500 AGMA stakeholders – on XMS, our vendor management system
  • Aligned more than 1,300 temporary workers

*Configuring the system for each organisation was a big job. Each customer required varying authorisation models, overtime schemes, several job catalogues and different custom fields.

4,945 applications in 9 months
90% offer acceptance rate
420 placements secured
Managed Service Programmes
Local Authority
  • 56 support suppliers on-boarded
  • 1,300 temporary workers aligned
  • 500 stakeholders trained
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